Flowers are a key stone for gardens in many ways. Indeed, let alone the aesthetic aspect of their cheering beauty they play multiple beneficial roles.

First of all, they attract diverse pollinators who will make an abundant harvest possible by visiting all the vegetables’ flowers. More generally they will allow a huge bio diversity to settle, by seducing many types of insects they will also attract birds, chameleons, lizards, frogs, hedgehogs... A set of species that will, in a virtuous circle, help regulating the pest’s population of your crops and make of your garden a healthy and rich ecosystem! On a more specific level some flowers are actually what we call companion plants in a vegetable garden. They can protect them from weeds if let grown around them, act as a lure trap, or be chemically active against some pests. Some flowers are also edible! They can be your best allies to illuminate your salads, decorate your desserts or sublimate a dish. In bouquets, they’ll brighten tables and hearts, delight mothers-in-law and soul mates!