natural treatments

The seeds, vegetables and everything else we produce at the farm are made without the use of any pesticides or synthetic chemical inputs. Our objective is to be able to give our plants enough strength to develop and defend themselves effectively against pests. To reach that goal, we combine several organic agriculture principles such as using resilient seeds, crop rotations in order to preserve soil fertility and reduce the risks of diseases, recycling of organic natural materials to develop our homemade compost, the use of natural manures and fertilizers (fermented extracts, macerations and plant decoctions), beneficial cultural associations among vegetables, but also with flowers and aromatics and the organic challenge, on other words the use of living organisms to prevent or reduce the damages caused by pests, notably by encouraging biodiversity and beneficial insects.

Pest and disease management is made possible by these numerous complementary actions. Our management practices are long term, aiming mainly at preventing the development of pest populations. This requires tackling the root of the problem rather than the symptoms, which entails regular and methodical inspection of our parcels, to intervene before the crops are damaged by pests or diseases. This philosophy, summarized in three words, has become a mantra here at Buzuruna Juzuruna: Observe, Prevent and Treat.